“World Centre of Islamic Excellence” or W.I.C.E. is a platform to attract the right individuals to converge in Malaysia and interact with each other, building relationship and network globally, and discover, create, promote and seize business opportunities that will benefit the ummah all over the world. This development is located at Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.

  • Al-Hidayah Properties Development Sdn Bhd is the developer for the W.I.C.E projects.

  • Al-Falah Sejati Sdn Bhd is the asset and facilities manager for this project meanwhile

  • Al-Hidayah Investment Bank (Labuan) Ltd is the sales and marketing arranger

  • Al-Hidayah Properties Sdn Bhd (Developer) has give Al-Falah Sejati the right to manage and maintain all components of the W.I.C.E for 20 years as concession holder.

  • Modern design and latest concept of the W.I.C.E surely make the development as one of icons in Kuala Lumpur. In the future, the W.I.C.E complex will be the headquarter for D-8 CEFC.

  • Kuala Lumpur, which is within the new silk road and maritime belt being built by China, aspires to emulate Bukhara as the prominent stop on the trade route between the East and the West, a major center for Islamic religion, culture, a model for modern Islamic communities of the future, along with the prophesied revival of the Islamic civilization in the next millennium.

    Promoting Inclusiveness and Uniting The World Muslims Through Worldwide Mosque Networks


    To emerge as the centre of multi-lateral trade, commercial, economics business & investment linking the Muslim world


    ● A melting pot for intellectual discourse in , Islamic economics, banking and finance, trade and commerce, social and cultural relations, and sciences and technologies.
    ● Centre of future Islamic pluralistic communities and societies.
    ● Centre providing state of the art Muslim-friendly facility where the global community which promotes inclusiveness emphasizing on respect and equality.
    ● An informative place where access to other global resources and knowledge is shared and acquired through various beneficial events and programs.
    ● Promoting international relations and strategic private partnerships in various economic sectors through world national mosques network
    ● An upright place which promotes the values of moderation, kindness, charity, forgiveness, patience, perseverance in the spirit of Islamic teachings
    ● Birthplace of future Muslim leaders, prodigies, businessmen, and technocrats of high caliber.

    Top 10 Countries with highest number of Muslim Population 2017

    1: Indonesia
    2: Pakistan
    3: India
    4: Bangladesh
    5: Nigeria
    6: Egypt
    7: Iran
    8: Turkey
    9: Algeria
    10: Morocco

    W.I.C.E Will Become D-8 Creative Economic & Financial Center (D-8 CEFC) Headquarter

    1. Centre for international business & trade matching
    2. International event organizer
    3. Centre for reference in International Advisory and Consultancy in Islamic Economics, Islamic Banking and Commerce
    4. Centre for Islamic Civilization Development
    5. Centre for mind and knowledge development
    6. Centre of Excellence in R&D on Islamic Financial Products/Instruments
    7. Centre for international HALAL Certification
    8. Reference Centre for Global Muslim Business Matching
    9. Incubation Centre for new industry developments, marketing, promotion, trade and commerce.
    10. Humanitarian Charity Drive


    DeveloperAl-Hidayah Properties Development Sdn Bhd
    Lead ArrangerAl-Hidayah Investment Bank (Labuan) Ltd
    Asset & Facilities ManagerAl-Falah Sejati Sdn Bhd
    LocationLot 108, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
    ContractorChina Railway Engineering Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd
    Development Period4-5 Years

    Development Concept

    This development has also taken in consideration to promote itself as World Islamic Centre Of Excellence Comprises Of Grade A Office Tower, 5-star Muslim-friendly Hotel With M.I.C.E. Facilities, Hotel Residences, Service Residences, Luxury Service Residences, Health & Wellness Specialist Clinics And Specialty Restaurants On Lot 108, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.
    It is also designed to offer to the expatriate as an exclusive choice for ‘high-end’ property with good investment values. The development concept are futuristic-holistic, cutting-edge design, artistically landscaped greenery and buffer zones with a self-contained development.