Lot 758, Taboh Naning, Melaka
- Nearby UniKL MICET
Land Owner
Kejuruteraan Ad-Dhuha Sdn. Bhd.
Land Developer
Al-Falah Sejati Sdn. Bhd.
Land Size
6.209 acres
Proposed Development
Single Storey Terrace House
No. of Unit
70 unit
Unit Size
Land Size : 22’x 75’
Built-up Area
133.4 sqm/1436.3 sqft
Other Facilities
1. Musolla
2. Self-service Laundry
3. Student Facilities
4. Cafeteria
5. Stationary Shop
6. Recreational Area
7. Internet Connection
8. Car Boot Sale (once a month)
Estimation to CompleteAfter 18 Months