Pusat Jagaan & Pembelajaran Al-Falah is being develop to accommodate orphans and asnaf that ranging from 7 years old to 17 years old. The hostel is originally a double storey building of shop lot that have been upgraded into 7 units of student dormitories. This “Pusat Jagaan & Pembelajaran Al-Falah” is expected to operate in June 2019.

ComponentHostel Accomodation for orphans & asnaf
Other information2 storey building of shop lot have been upgraded to 7 units
of students dormitories which can accommodate for
280 to 300 students in one time


The objectives of establishing the “Pusat Jagaan & pembelajaran Al-Falah” is to:

● Taking care the welfare of the poor orphans and asnaf.
● To help improving the economy and standard of living of the orphans and asnaf.
● To prepare a comfortable space to live for the orphans and asnaf.
● Provide education by educating and guiding them through formal and informal education whether academic or religious.
● Producing orphans and asnaf that can be examples and hopes for their family, religion, race and nation.
● Establish a care centre for orphans that will be organized systematically.
● Protect and giving guidance to the orphans and asnaf.