D-8 - Al-Hidayah Group of Companies Collaboration

1. Under the D-8 CEFC Initiatives, AHGC has committed the followings:
 a. Establishment of an offshore foundation
 b. Implementation of D-8 Creative Economic & Financial Centre (CEFC) programmes in affiliation with World Islamic Centre Of Excellence (W.I.C.E.)
 c. Establishment of an offshore Waqf Development Bank
 d. Establishment of D-8 Creative Economic Financial Centre
2. AHGC has planned to form strategic partnerships with potential business counterparts in each D-8 member states to deliver the roles of private sectors.
3. Some requirements of the potential partners shall not be limited to the following basic criteria:-
 a. Sectors of partnership:
  - Zakat
  - Waqf
  - Sadaqah
  - Islamic Banking (Ar-Rahn, Takaful, Islamic Banking Full package)
  - Halal Trading
  - Global Mosque Network (E-Commerce, Payment Gateway, Remittance, E-Halal Trading, Halal Certification, E-Recruitment)
 b. Private sectors having strong drive and share common interests to deliver the objectives for the benefits of the Ummah
 c. Organization, pool of resources and competencies to deliver the programme mission and implementation
 d. Local organization with global establishments
 e. Strong business network with various industry sectors and (political influence)
 f. Sound Financial capabilities and capacities to deliver high profile private initiative driven projects or/and funding eligibilities
 g. Track records on the selective sectors above
 h. Market penetration supported by strong marketing and promotion abilities
 i. Ability to provide road maps, implementation plans and successful delivery of the above mission together with AHGC.
4. Interested parties, please write-in to D-8 secretariat :

E-mail:      Contact: 603-4142-4780