Total UnitsSize
Mini Water Theme Park11 acres
Homestay / Studio Appartment643 acres
Commercial5 acres
- Mini Market13,500 sqft
- Restaurant & Cafe24,250 sqft
- Surau (200pax)12,000 sqft
- Multi Purpose Area110,000 sqft
- Parking Lot100 Bay
- Relaxing Chair / Pool Deck Chair200

Mini Water Theme Park / Swimming Pool

Mini Water Theme Park is open to all age group. The proposed theme park is open throughout the year inclusive holidays. Also include sizeable swimming pool with relaxing chairs.


A number of studio apartments will be built around mini water theme park to provide accommodation with homestay concept with easy access to food outlets and mini market. Every unit has 2 beds and internal toilet with option for extra bedding.

Mini Market, Cafe and Food Gallery

Parking Lot

Multi Purpose Area

Multipurpose area can be a suitable place for family to have an event or activity. Event or activity can be make in hall or open space that we provide. Our facilities suitable for activities and event such as family day, wedding ceremony and motivation program.

Transportation Service