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Al-Hidayah Capital Sdn Bhd (AHIC) has incorporated a special purpose company in Morocco, namely Al-Hidayah Development SARL (“AHID”) to be the developer company. The development is known as Maraja-Al-Bahrain, which means the meeting of two seas or symbolically means collaboration between two countries.


The development will take place in 3 phases and expected to be fully developed within 5 years. AHIC is currently in the midst of developing the 1st phase of the development which consists of 582 units of medium cost apartments, in which all units have been sold.


The 2nd phase of the development has already commenced. A total of 2,000 units will be developed in this 2nd phase, 1,000 units of which will include the development of social housing which is part our social obligation towards the people of Morocco. The remaining units will range from medium and high-end apartments.


Development Concept


The development involved the expertise from both Malaysia and Moroccan architects and consultants in developing the concept plan to ensure better understanding and mutual convergence of expectations, taste and preferences of Moroccan people with the Malaysian touch.


This is essential because the main theme for the development is not only developing housing and commercial areas..... it is to Develop a Community.


Maraja Al Bahrain is a wholesome area of residential floors that showcase a fine quality of planning layout, architectural design and the application of engineering technology and landscaping.  


It is designed as a low-rise apartment with an exclusive space that expresses the attitude of self. Sleek lines that celebrates the contemporary lifestyle. Exceptional facilities and high quality finishing for ultra-comfortable living. For our customer, they are owning a villa-style-of-living on the sky.


Project Photos





For more information, please visit : www.alhidayah-tamesna.com