The development of Elderly Retirement Centre is located on Lot 155, Bandar Bukit Baru, Melaka. This development will be consisting of five storey block that includes hostel, surau, cafeteria, toilet, management office and a garden.

Land Size
0.22 acres
Building TypeWelfare Centre (up to 150 pax)
Development Component
A five storey block which consist of :-
a. Hostel
b. Surau
c. Cafeteria
d. Toilet
e. Management Office
f. Garden
Proposed Operation
Elderly Retirement Center
- Able to accommodate up to 150 persons in one time.
Estimation to Complete3 Years

The concept of the retirement house is as follows:

● The latest care establishment in town aimed at providing safe and comfortable environment for your loved ones.
● Nestled in a quite and peaceful neighborhood surrounded by modern yet simple greenery landscape for calming effect. ​
● Comprehensive care and nursing that addresses the specific needs of aging requires experience and expertise are provided.
● A well trained caregivers, fully air conditioned and emphasis with meaningful activities are provided in our nursing home as want to provide an exclusive feel and function to the elderly.
● Service provided comprise of the values that focus on efficient & effective care with empathy and compassion.
● Enhances the quality of life of the elderly in our nursing homes, the food menu are well-evaluated and the nutritional needs of the elderly are planned based on the weight and health conditions.
● This nursing home will be supported by other established services such as rehabilitation, dental and dialysis