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Olive, Jalan Ampang

Ampang 108   |   www.olive108.com.my

Olive 108 Ampang, premium condo living within the heart of Malaysia, is a dream come true of every urbanite.

Olive 108 Ampang... High Class, Convenient, Secure, and Happy Living.








Maraja Al Bahrain

We engaged and combined the expertise from both Malaysian and Moroccan architects and consultants in developing our concept plan to ensure better understanding and mutual convergence of expectations, taste and preferences of Moroccan people with the Malaysian touch.


This is essential because we are not only developing housing and commercial areas, we are......Building a Community







Integrated City, Malacca

The City is strategically located approximately 10 km and 34 km to the North of Alor Gajah Town Centre and Malacca City Centre respectively and is accessible by the North-South Highway. Neighbouring with A. Famosa Resort and just an hour drive from the country’s capital city, Kuala Lumpur, the city is reckoned to be a new township that brings together educational facilities, residential and commercial.






Illuminare City, Johor

A development within Iskandar Malaysia (IM), the Philosophy of the Illuminare City’s masterplan is to create an integrated development that will have a central commercial area that is busy and vibrant while having a serene and quiet residential enclave.


Illuminare City, the southern light that offers new dimension of Johor Bahru.



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